Is Halloween a covered risk? — Top 5 insurance tips!

1. Does a homeowners’ insurance policy cover vandalism to my property?

Generally, a homeowners’ insurance policy will cover vandalism to a home; however, the damage would need to be significant to rise to the level of filing an insurance claim. The homeowner must pay out of pocket for the amount of the deductible — the insurance carrier would pay the remaining portion of the claim. For example, if the cost of the damage is less than or equal to the amount of the deductible, then filing an insurance claim wouldn’t be worth it.

Tip: Be alert when home, its a night with heavy neighborhood traffic. If your out for the night, ask a neighbor to keep and eye out and keep all your lights on.


2. Does my homeowners’ insurance policy cover a slip and fall accident?

A slip and fall injury will usually be covered by Coverage E of the personal liability portion of a homeowners’ insurance policy and Coverage F, medical payments to others section. This coverage extends to those visitors who do not live at the insured’s property but are accidentally injured while on the property, resulting in liability and medical bills. Many may want to look at umbrella insurance to extend liability protection.

Tip: Keep driveways and pathways lit and clear of hazards and debris to avoid little monsters tripping. Make sure all of your lights are on this night and that you have clearly inspected your property. This is the one time of year you make get hundreds of visitors to your property at night.


3. Does homeowners’ insurance cover dog bites?

With the onset of visitors and doorbells ringing, this may cause some pets to be provoked by the unusual Halloween customs. If your pet does bite a trick-or-treater, Coverage E Personal Liability and Coverage F Medical Payments to Others would cover the situation. Check the policy and with the agent to confirm coverage, as some insurance policies and state regulations vary and may not cover certain situations or certain breeds of dogs.

Tip: Place the pet in a crate or room while the trick-or-treater’s are visiting so that the pet is not provoked. It may not be your pet, many people bring their dogs trick or treating. So keep an eye out and keep some distance.

4. How do I know if I’m underinsured?

Don’t be caught underinsured on your policy. Many policies contain a clause stating that an insurance company will not fully cover damage to a home unless the policy covers 80% or more of the home’s total replacement value. As a result, if the homeowner has inadequate coverage (usually less than 80% the home’s replacement value), then the homeowner may only receive a proportionate amount of coverage on a claim.

Tip: Avoid getting shocked this Halloween season with underpaid claims. Talk to your Blankit agent about whether you’re adequately insured and what risks might affect you. Your never spooked with Blankit.


5. Does my homeowners’ insurance policy cover candle fires?

A standard homeowners’ insurance policy covers accidental fires under its covered perils section. As a result, fires caused by lit candles are usually covered. During a busy Halloween season, the best practice is not to light candles or leave them unattended.

Tip: Avoid potential fires by using battery LED pumpkin lights for creative Jack O’ Lanterns this Halloween season. these lights are cheaply purchased at any dollar store and last for well belong the night. Don’t let a $1 of prevention  burn down your family’s home. Blankit is here for you all year long. A safe night to all. Please drive safe and slow on Halloween.  And remember that Blankit only gives treats no tricks, all year long.

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