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Property and Liability

Make sure you are protected whether a tenant or a landlord in the event of slip and fall, accident, or vandalism/break-ins.  While fire sprinklers are great to have in a commercial environment for fire safety, they do a great job of putting out fires, but  cause lots of water damage to equipment and furnishings in the process, so don’t be without coverage for drying out your saved building and goods.  Working on a new building or additions?  Talk to one of our professionals about how we can protect your assets. We have experienced and trusted construction and legal professions here to help.


Manufacturing or distributing domestic and/or foreign goods to the US comes with a list of regulatory agencies.  Even with the best quality control standards in place, there is always the chance of product design defects or malfunctions.  Temporary delays or changes in your business operations can have major financial implications, so make sure your business is blankited in time of crisis.


Providing goods and services to the public can be a risky business and there are many different types of exposures and risks that small and large businesses face in an ever changing market.  If you have a professional license, certification, or designation, you are typically held to a higher standard.  If it’s errors and omissions(E&O) you are concerned about we’ve got you covered.  Or if you’re a director/officer sitting on the board of a non-profit, private, or public company and need to protect your personal property as well as the organization from decisions made as a manager, only a trusted professional can help you understand all the nuances.  Don’t navigate it alone, contact our associates today as one of our professionals is standing by right now to help set you up for success!


Big data, IoT, Cyber Security, are all the latest buzz words in business today.  What does it all mean for you and your company?  Find out how Blankit can protect you in case of hackers, errors and glitches, cyber extortions, and fraudulent wire transfers so you can focus on running your business and not becoming a computer science engineer.


Is your business the local watering hole or the trendiest dance club in the city?  Our goal is to protect you as the owner from actions that take place at and away from your establishment.  Often times, bar and restaurant owners are faced with intense investigations due to incidents involving alcohol intoxication.  We can confidently provide coverage as well as additional services including education to ensure your staff is aware of all the dangers.


Servicing, selling, or storing vehicles is no easy business so don’t be caught off guard by an accident on or off the premises.  We have unique policies designed to meet the needs of your company.


Local daily trips or over the road hauling, we will provide the most comprehensive package to ensure you business can operate as smooth as a well oiled machine.

Workers Comp

Our employees are our greatest business asset and we want to make sure they are covered while they are providing our services.  We will work with your HR department to advise them of the best options to maintain optimal staff and full state compliance.

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Is it ever “enough”?  Feel like you may need additional coverage above the purchased limits?  Bidding for a new contract that will require higher limits?  Our sales professionals are eager to speak to you about giving you the peace of mind coverage you will need.


We are here to assist with all of your insurance needs. Whether home, auto, business, life or health, Blankit Insurance Group has you protected. Click the button below to contact us for your free quote now!