Cancelled Insurance, Non Renewal, No Insurance?

Cancelled Insurance? Blankit is here to help

Are you confused where to turn?

Having your insurance cancelled can be scary.

We at Blankit here to help by providing you advice on the insurance that is right for you. As Insurance Agents we work for you, not big faceless companies who only know you by a number. We are focused on your needs and providing you with suitable coverage for your insurance needs. We are your personal agent and you will always receive our personal attention. You are never alone.

Picture this: You’re going through your bills and see a letter from your insurance company with bright red letters on the front that reads “important notice.” You open it up to find out that you will no longer be insured, at least by them. You might wonder, “What’s this about?” Determining whether the notice is a non-renewal or cancellation could be the difference between a bad day and a dismal one.

Non Renewal vs. Cancelled Insurance

You may be confused as to the difference between a “non-renewal” of policy versus a policy cancellation. When your auto insurance company notifies you of a non-renewal, it means that your current coverage will continue until the end of the policy period, and thereafter cease to exist. Alternatively, if you are warned of cancellation, it means that your policy will be shut down immediately with proper notice in advance of the cancellation.

To put it lightly, you don’t want your policy to be cancelled. Non-renewal is seen as less serious by insurance companies. When it happens it’s simply because your insurer doesn’t want you as a customer any longer. Your policy typically will be non-renewed because you submitted too many claims in a short period of time, so you may want to rethink calling in a claim for the guy who bumped your car door in the parking lot. The policy can also be non-renewed if you have become a higher risk in the eyes of your insurer for a variety of reasons. For example, if your auto insurer finds out that you have a conviction for driving under the influence on your record, they may decide to non-renew.

If you have any questions about how Irma claims may affect your policy or if a claim has already affected your policy, please contact us today, an experienced Personal Blankit Agent is always standing by to answer your questions. Don’t be afraid, Blankit is by your side. “We work hard to protect your hard work.”

How Can I Find the Right Coverage?

An experienced Personal Blankit Agent will help you pick the appropriate coverage for your situation. As an Independent Agency, we have access to a variety of insurance plans and companies worldwide.  We work hard to make sure that we have access to all insurance carriers worldwide, so you can find the insurance that is right for you at a competitive price.

Protect your life with insurance made for you. We know how to find the coverage that meets the needs of people like you who need help finding coverage after cancellation or non-renewal. Let us help you design the insurance plan that is right for you. Call (855) 692-5265 to talk to your Blankit Agent today.

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