You are a highly valued client, and our firm takes pride in the services we provide to you. Acting as an independent insurance agent, we are able to offer you excellent service and competitive prices because we can access insurance coverage, in most cases, from more than one insurance company. Our agency is paid a commission for selling and serving your account. The amount is based on the standard commission schedules established by each of the companies we work with, and is subject to review by the state regulator to ensure that it is neither excessive, inadequate or unfairly discriminatory. At times, our agency may also be eligible for various forms of incentive compensation, including contingent commissions and other awards and bonuses, from the insurer. Incentive compensation is based upon a variety of factors that may include the level of premium written, retention of business, growth, overall profitability, or other performance measures established by the insurers with whom we do business. It is important to note that any such bonus is paid by the insurer, and is not an additional cost to you.

We do not charge you anything for the placement of your policies. We are compensated solely by the insurance company in the manner previously described. However, we may also charge for services specifically authorized by statute, that are above and beyond those necessary to place the policy. If so, it will only be with your prior knowledge and consent, and we will provide you with a separate contract and list the services on invoice. As an independent agent, we conduct business with a variety of competing insurance companies, and we will attempt to obtain quotes from among those insurers that we believe to be suitable, based on the preferences and needs you have communicated to us. If you would like more information about our compensation or have any other questions, please contact a representative. Our agency is grateful to have you as a client, and we welcome any suggestions you have that will assist us in serving you better. We appreciate your business.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.