Buying my Health Insurance through the Marketplace?

We all know the Affordable Care Act requires most Americans to enroll in a health insurance plan or face steep penalties.

Many Americans buy their plans through the government-run online health care exchanges, but health insurance exchanges aren’t the only game in town. You are free to buy health insurance outside your state’s exchange. People who qualify for subsidies may be enticed into buying from the exchanges — if your plan isn’t from the exchange, you won’t get your tax credits as subsidy. But, for everyone else, the free market awaits with a multitude of options.

Greater choice off exchange with myblankit

The primary  reason for buying off-exchange is greater choice. Every health plan on an exchange in your state must be offered off the exchange at the exact same price. However, the opposite is not true. Health insurance companies can and do offer lots of health plans that are not on the marketplace. By law, all plans must offer 10 essential benefits no matter inside or outside the exchange. But if you’re looking for a specific set of benefits beyond that, shopping off-exchange could give you a wide range of choices and opportunity to better tailor a policy to your needs.

Who’s in the network

Another reason to shop for your health insurance off-exchange is the network of health care providers included in the plan.

In some cases, health insurance companies are controlling their costs by limiting the provider networks for exchange plans. Your preferred doctor or hospital may not be included in the plan that looks best to you on the exchange.

Some health plans such as EPOs and HMOs won’t provide coverage if you go outside of their networks for care; others provide only limited coverage, certainly less than you would get if you go to providers in network.

Buying off-exchange can give you access to larger provider networks.

Cost of Deductibles

Off-exchange plans also may give you a greater choice when it comes to deductibles, the amount you pay out of pocket before your plan begins to pay. Off exchange plans offer greater flexibility to the cost of your deductibles.

Some plans simply aren’t available

The exchanges don’t offer every category of health insurance that you can buy elsewhere. For example, you cannot buy short-term medical insurance or long-term care insurance from an exchange. These more complex coverage’s must be procured through an agent like Blankit.

Also, some health insurance companies such as Aetna and UnitedHealthcare have opted not to participate in exchanges in some marketplaces. If you prefer these companies, you will have to buy plans from them outside the exchange though Blankit.

How to buy outside the exchange

One easy step. Just contact Blankit Today!

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