How much is Insurance after two PIP claims in Florida?

It might be hard to find auto insurance in Florida with PIP claims but we are here to help.  Blankit can provide insurance to individuals that have a prior PIP claim.  Our agency is now able to offer insurance to people with two pip claims. We are an independent insurance agency that provides insurance for many major  insurance carriers in Florida. If you need help finding insurance after a PIP claim please feel free to give us a call.

Why is it hard to find insurance after a pip claim?  PIP claims account for the majority of insurance fraud in Florida.  Due to the high rate of PIP fraud in Florida some insurance companies are now rejecting individuals with one or more pip claims.  Insurance companies sometimes consider individuals with a PIP claim high risk.  Even if the accident that resulted in a PIP claim is not your fault the insurance carriers can still hold this against you.

How long will the PIP claims stay on my record? Most insurance companies go back three years but in some cases it is five years.   When the PIP claims come off your record, you will most likely have more insurance options available.

What does PIP insurance cover? Personal injury protection coverage pays for medical bills and work loss if you are injured in an accident.  This type of coverage pays regardless of who it at-fault.  This coverage is required on every auto insurance policy issued in the State of Florida.

Why am I considered high risk because of my PIP claim?  Insurance companies consider you high risk because some people abuse PIP insurance with fraudulent claims.

How much does insurance cost after PIP claims?  In some cases your insurance rates can be higher after a PIP claim simply because most standard insurance carriers will not offer you coverage.  Insurance rates are also determined by other things including age, sex, location, credit and claims history.

Blankit High Risk Auto Insurance Quote

If you have any additional questions about getting insurance after PIP claims please feel free to give us a call at 1-855-692-5265

Why choose us if you have two PIP claims?

Blankit Experience – We have experience in insuring individuals that have PIP claims.  Our agency staff will also re-quote your policy every six months to make sure we are providing you with the best rate possible.

Blankit Statewide coverage – Our agency is available throughout the State of Florida and can write you a policy no matter where you live.  We use electronic signatures so you request a quote, chat with us, and purchase your new policy from any computer or smartphone.

Blankit Customer service –  We use one of the most advanced customer management systems in the industry.  Our agency understands that our jobs depend on keeping you happy.  If you have a problem, we will do our best to solve the issue.

Blankit’s Carriers – We have contracts with many major carriers that offer insurance to high risk drivers with prior claims.  Some of these companies include Progressive, Infinity, Gainsco, and more.

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