Should I teach my kids about Insurance and how?

Why Kids & myblankit?

Every parent worries about their kids. Are they eating well? Getting enough sleep? Studying like they should? Dating the right person—or not dating the wrong person? Learning how to be an adult?

Part of becoming a contributing member of society is learning how to properly manage financial affairs. And although it doesn’t always get the attention it deserves, insurance is a key piece of personal financial management.

– Are you prepared for realities of personal auto coverage for new drivers? How much will your

– Is a child going away to college, getting their first job or first apartment, getting married? .

– Your teen just had their first accident, are you on the hook even if they are on a separate      policy? Do you have enough coverage in place?

– Just had a new baby? Do you have enough life insurance?

– Any coverage for my new pet or what if my new pets bites someone?

Educating kids and their parents about the realities of insurance helps us create and cement long-term relationships with while concurrently developing contacts with future clients—your kids who will one day grow up and buy insurance of their own knowing they are protected with Blankit. Insurance is a relationship business, so we build the relationship before the kids are in the market for insurance and need the protection so they are never lost or alone. We will always be here for you and them. We can deal with teenagers even if you cant, Blankit is here for you and family in whatever capacity you need.

Just remember: Blankit’s goal is to teach, not sell.

As parents, you  want your kids to be prepared for life, and insurance is an important part of life—especially when something bad happens. As independent agents, we strive to help our communities through coaching, volunteering and more. Why not use our knowledge to increase our entire community’s insurance IQ? Blankit is here for you whether you purchase a policy through us or not. We are here to educate you and your family about any and all of your insurance needs.

Let Blankit provide you with the tools to teach your kids about the importance of insurance and the value it provides to your family. We are always here for you;

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