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Cyber is only for online businesses or web stores taking online payments. FALSE Cyber liability coverage protects the business in the event it exposes any personally identifiable information. The protection ranges from liability (of course in case someone sues), regulatory compliance defense, IT forensics investigation, extortion of data, business interruption due to cyber event, repair/replacement […]

Employees are your greatest business asset, and sometimes liability…

October 2017 Like many business owners, you’ve probably been required (at some point) to carry general liability, perhaps workers compensation insurance, and maybe business auto or liquor liability insurance depending on the size and type of business. But the largest risk exposure you face as a business owner, is actually managing your employee relationships. That’s […]

Am I Prepared for Another Irma?

Whether you are a believer or a skeptic of the hype, the simple fact is that hurricane Irma caused massive devastation in Florida, and could have been even worse had the storm shifted in either direction.  While a majority of Floridians only lost power, the damages will still amount into the billions. Our hearts go […]